They are transport or distribution elements formed by bare conductors supported on insulating elements which, in turn, are maintained at a certain height above the ground and in a certain position by means of supports distributed along their route.

For this reason, it is important to give preventive maintenance to aerial circuits. This is the main means of supplying energy provided by the electricity supplier. The important points in the maintenance of the aerial circuits are the inspection, cleaning and tightening of the screws in the connections: of the cable, switches, lightning conductors, measurement transformers, discharge cones, etc.

If not properly maintained with qualified personnel and equipment, accidents may occur at height, electric shock or unplanned shutdowns due to electrical connections in the line.


  • Thermographic study.
  • Thermographic study.


  • Screw tightening and lightning conductor.
  • Circuit breaker test.
  • Revision of land and peripheral equipment.


  • Packing of windings.
  • Change of nozzles.
  • Replacement of damaged equipment.

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