Grid Code Compliance in Juarez and El Paso

In addition to our maintenance and testing services, ISIEM also assists businesses in adhering to grid code ordinances in both Mexico and the U.S. In 2019, the implementation of the GRID CODE regulatory framework meant that all businesses using the electrical grid would need to meet compliance standards. Failure to comply with these grid code requirements could result in potentially millions in fines, handicapping your business.

ISIEM has intimate knowledge of the grid code requirements in both Juarez and El Paso. Our team can study your electrical infrastructure to ensure that you are in complete compliance with the government.

How Grid Code Compliance Works

Grid code regulations dictate the type of equipment that a company needs to use while on the electricity grid. In Mexico, especially, an effort to modernize and optimize the electrical grid has spurred a number of changes to the energy use requirements of customers.

For most businesses, the use of antiquated, inefficient technology will be the primary reason that they may be deemed non-compliant. Depending on how far from compliance is, a company may be fined accordingly. In Juarez, companies may be fined up to 20% of the previous year’s revenue, which would be crippling for any business.

ISIEM uses a full array of inspections to determine whether a company is compliant. Devices and components such as transformers, switchboards, bank of capacitors, reactors, wiring, and other components will all be analyzed and compared to the grid code. A code compliance test will use many of our current services, like short circuit studies, capacitor bank studies, ground testing, power factor study, switch disconnector inspection, and more.

Once our testing is complete, our company will provide you a full report of ever study, complete with detailed pictures and descriptions of the process. We provide a corrective action plan to fix any issues we find that would prevent your business from meeting compliance or simply being efficient, safe, and functional.

Pass Your Grid Code Inspection With ISIEM

As stated earlier, failure to comply with the grid code can result in thousands or millions in lost revenue. With our services, your company can meet all grid requirements and maximize the efficiency and safety of your infrastructure. If your business is in need of grid code compliance services, give ISIEM a call to schedule your grid code inspections today!