Grounding Study And Analysis | ISIEM

With any electrical application, from homes to full-sized substations, proper grounding is one of the most important factors in safe energy use. In electrical systems, grounding refers to the connection to the Earth or other conducting bodies to maintain earth potential on the system and provide fault protection. In addition to safety, some electrical components require proper grounding to function properly like fuses and circuit breakers. Grounding keeps your devices and infrastructure safe from surges, faults, and environmental hazards like lightning.

Through grounding study and analysis, our team at ISIEM can identify issues like polarity problems, neutral connections, and lack of fault protection. Without proper grounding, your business, employees, and the surrounding infrastructure could be at risk. 

Our Ground Study Services

Most grounding systems follow the same guiding principles: efficiency, low resistance to earth, and soil resistivity optimization. However, each system has specific requirements based on the purpose, location, and load of the system. We offer a full array of grounding study services for all types of companies across the border. 

  • Investigative/Data Analysis Studies
  • Ground System Modeling
  • Project Management Analysis 
  • Regular Preventative, Predictive, Corrective Maintenance

What To Expect During A Grounding Study Test

Using state-of-the-art ground testing technology, our company can efficiently and accurately determine the effectiveness of your grounding system. Our technology utilizes the “stakeless method,” meaning we can use technology to apply to the ground rod itself. The prevailing method prior to this technology is the “Fall of Potential” method, an accurate but time-consuming process. 

Our staff has experience with both new and old methods of ground testing and can employ either method depending on the type of grounding present. Often, the use of both methods is the best way to record the most accurate data. Regardless of the industry, we have the tools and knowledge to produce the results your company needs.

Ground Testing With ISIEM

Without proper grounding, equipment, data, and the safety of employees and customers could be at risk. Our company ensures that your grounding is accurate, so you don’t have to experience any failures. The ISIEM team can thoroughly check your bonding and grounding at a great price to you. Contact us today to commission your grounding study!