Power Quality Analysis | Inspecting Your Source Quality

An often-overlooked aspect of electricity and power usage is power quality. Power quality simply refers to the characteristics of electric power being used by a device and that device’s ability to use it. Power quality studies are increasingly necessary due to the more frequent presence of electronic equipment and devices that are much more sensitive to electrical disturbances. Power quality studies allow us to take the necessary actions on the electrical installation in order to avoid equipment damage and suspension of activities.

ISIEM International uses the latest generation of calibrated equipment to test the quality of a power source. Our power quality analysis studies assess the quality of electrical energy by identifying electrical disturbances such as overvoltages, harmonics, high-frequency noise, transient voltages, wave distortions, interruptions, frequency variations, etc. Voltage, current, frequency, active power, reactive power, and power factor are also measured.

More On Power Quality Analysis

The importance of power quality studies lies in that they allow us to detect disturbances and, once identified, we can establish equipment to counteract them like harmonic filters, regulators, capacitor banks, and so on. Power quality studies detect deviations in the appropriate voltage, current or frequency conditions that can cause failures such as: overheating of equipment, low power factor, failures in control devices, damage to control cards and failures in computer systems and PLCs, among others.

The disturbances detected in power quality studies come from both the power grid and the inside of the facility that are generated by the equipment itself. Among the main disturbances detected in power quality studies are voltage interruptions and drops, harmonics and interharmonics, temporary overvoltages, overvoltages, transient overvoltages, voltage fluctuations, voltage imbalances, frequency variations, etc.

Power quality studies have shown that the effects of electrical disturbances can be immediate, causing a machine to stop or malfunction. Disturbances can also be medium or long term due to the premature aging of equipment that is produced by heating and electrodynamic stresses that occur with electrical disturbances.

Our Power Quality Analysis Reports

At the end of the study, a report is delivered with the results obtained and the conclusions of our research. We identify potential areas of improvement or early action and will offer a plan to resolve or bolster a particular component. We also offer the supply and installation of the necessary equipment to correct detected deviations such as harmonic filters, capacitor banks, voltage suppressors, etc. For expert power quality analysis, reports, and corrections, choose ISIEM. Contact us to schedule your inspection today!