Service of maintenance to disconnectors

As its name implies, preventive maintenance is in charge of preventing failures and problems that could jeopardize the operation of a disconnector. The main reason why this type of maintenance is the one that is preferred most of the times, is because to carry it out you do not dispense with the service of the disconnector or the disconnectors, that is to say, that you can continue having the service and the protection that these offer, and therefore, to enjoy a safe electrical network and with all its benefits.

Power Switches – Tests for Preventive Maintenance

a). Visual inspection of the paint or galvanized.
b). Verification of Alignment – anchorage and connections.
c). Verification of local – remote opening and closing.
d). Grounding blade operation.
e). Check earthing.
f). Change of screws and maintenance to high voltage connectors, apply conductive grease on connector terminals.
g). Cleaning of disconnector contacts and application of conductive grease.
h). Manual cleaning with rag and porcelain inspection.
i). Verify the perfect alignment of the disconnector and position of contacts or blades.
j). Lubricate joints and moving parts of the disconnector.
k). Adjustment on earthing terminals
l). check the state of the heating in the control cabinet.
m). Adjust the control boxes.
n). Check the manual operation of the disconnector in the different directions and detect and identify any anomaly in its bearings.

Service interruptions, equipment damage, loss of production.


  • Thermographic study.


  • Screw tightening.
  • Lubrication and adjustment.
  • Contact resistance test.
  • Hi-pot resistance test.
  • Switch change.


  • Change of disconnector.

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